Shrink wrap

What is shrink wrap?

Shrink wrap film is a low-density extruded polyethylene material. Shrink wrap, with the use of heat, shrinks and conforms to whatever structure and/or item is underneath it. Shrinking the plastic causes its consistency to change dramatically, making it thicker and very taut.

One thing to be aware of when purchasing shrink wrap, is that some extruders use additives in their shrink wrap to reduce their costs. Some extruders also use reprocessed (recycled) resin in the plastic. Any of these items seriously alter the quality and effectiveness of the shrink wrap. You must be certain that the shrink wrap you purchase is 100% virgin material.

Our Premium Shrink wrap is 100% virgin resin and contains maximum UV inhibitors by weight for excellent performance during long term storage and transportation. Ultra Violet Inhibitors (UVI) prevent the UV rays from damaging the item underneath the cover and prevent premature breakdown of the shrink wrap itself.



Winterizing – protection of boats during winter storage or transport

During reconstruction or repairs of vessels to provide controlled environment for custom paints, patching materials and solvents.
We erect temporary shelters for on site maintenance, repairs or construction under scaffolding


Shrink wrapping large building – scaffolding covering and shrinkwrapping of roof construction

Temporary shelters – Shrink wrap is ideal for protection in emergency situations to help protect buildings and other structures that were damaged during hurricanes and other natural disasters.


Transportation of industrial tanks
Shrink wrap, with the use of heat shrinks and conforms to whatever structure or item is underneath it. It is waterproof and can be “sealed” around entire units. During long transportation on board shrink wrap protects industrial tanks from aggressive sea-salt water and strong winds. Before shrink wrapping process the industrial tanks must be completely dry and there will be no issue with condensation.

Long term storage
You don`t need expensive inside space. Shrink wrap film contains UV inhibitors which provide excellent protection during long term storage. Shrink wrapping enables items to be stored for long periods outside. Shrink wrap covers can be ventilated. Also, zipper access doors can be installed.

Containment of sandblasting, spray painting
Shrink wrapping scaffolding gives you the drum tight containment you need that allows natural light in and stops contaminates from leaking into the environment.