Boat shrink wrapping – your boat deserves best protection


While a conventional cover or tarp offers your boat some shelter from the elements, only a shrink wrap cover gives it protection that’s:

  • 100% waterproof
  • impossible to blow off
  • can withstand heavy loads of snow or rain

We cover the boat with shrink wrap that shrinks and tightens over the entire area by thermical workup (propane gas heat guns).

All our products and working process are tested and proven to be appropriate for protection of all kinds of vessels.

Before the shrink wrapping process a supporting construction is made to enable the inclination so the water doesn´t remain on the wrap.

Main benefits of boat shrink wrapping

  • Proven as the best protection against strong storms and snow
  • The shrink wrap is persistent of strong wind attacks over 150 km/h
  • The matrix structure prevents the ripping of the shrinkwrap
  • The shrink wrap contains protective UV inhibitors that prevent losing the skin gloss of the boat and considerably extend the lifetime of plastic, wooden and metal parts of your boat
  • To eliminate moisture and mildew problems – shrinkwrap covers can be ventilated (self-adhesive vents with solar cell)
  • Zipper access doors taped on the finished cover allow access ito a shrinkwrapped boat without cutting the shrinkwrap
  • Duration of cover guarantee up to 3 years
  • Safety – used on millions of boats with no known significant accidents

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boat shrink wrapping: winterizing | dry marines |  controlled environment during reconstruction or repairs of vessels  | temporary shelters for on site maintenance